New Muppet Movie Poster Disguises Itself As Green With Envy

Advertising a Muppets movie must rank as one of the easiest jobs in the world. People take one look at Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie or Gonzo and suddenly their brains fill with cotton candy and heart-shaped fireworks. Apparently the folks over at Disney have decided to give themselves a challenge.

Following the trailer release a little while ago - which disguised itself as a simple romcom about a couple fighting because of a forgotten wedding anniversary - Disney has released a new one-sheet from The Muppets...kind of. Advertising a movie called Green With Envy, the same fake movie that the trailer "tries" to sell you on, it's practically impossible to to tell that this is a movie involving Jim Henson's most beloved creations unless you look super closely. The truth is that Kermit actually does make an appearance on the poster, but can't really be seen unless you are trying desperately to find him.

Check out the poster below and scroll down to see a blown up version of the Kermit section.

Eric Eisenberg
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