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Nic Cage is doing a movie called Hungry Rabbit Jumps and, even though the title sounds like something based on an obscure children’s book, it’s a revenge-thriller. THR (which isn’t fooling anyone by registering geeky sounding domain names to randomly host some of its stories), says the Roger Donaldson directed movie casts Cage as a husband who becomes involved in an underground vigilante organization after his wife is the victim of a brutal crime.

Donaldson’s last gig was the well regarded Jason Statham movie The Bank Job. Before that he received even more critical acclaim as director of The World’s Fastest Indian. Probably, this isn’t going to be a typical, horrible Nic Cage movie. Still, I prefer my vigilantes in the loan avenger model. Vigilantism just isn’t as fun when it’s turned into an ultra-violent, neighborhood watch. Now Nic Cage will be one of those assholes at the beginning of The Dark Knight, who dressed up like Batman and got in the way while Christian Bale tried to kick ass.

It was just last week that Cage signed on board Drive Angry, another one of Hollywood’s endless stream of gimmicky 3D movies. He’ll squeeze Hungry Rabbit Jumps in first, before hopping on set for that.