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Super Bowl Sunday, in addition to being the last game on the NFL’s schedule, ends up being a visual buffet for movie geeks hoping to catch a glimpse of the year’s upcoming blockbusters. Studios usually take the opportunity to reach millions of TV viewers with well-placed 30-second spots for spring and summer releases. And since we live in an age where every teaser needs its own tease, Disney has unveiled an 11-second commercial for its Oz The Great and Powerful Super Bowl spot. Check it out:

That clip contains footage we’ve already seen, briefly explaining how James Franco’s magician ends up in the land that exists somewhere over the rainbow. The rest of the teaser will air during Sunday’s Super Bowl (though we don’t know yet during which quarter it will air). The studio also teased, in a press release, that “the [Wicked Witch] and all her power [will] takes over the homepage immediately following the commercial on game day,” so if you happen to be near a laptop as you are watching the Ravens take on the 49ers, jump over to that site and see what Disney has in store.

In addition, ScreenCrush has been compiling a master list of the trailers that they’ve confirmed will air on Sunday. Aside from Oz, expect to see new clips from Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast Six, Iron Man 3, Tom Cruise’s Oblivion, and Disney’s other blockbuster: The Lone Ranger. There might be a few more studios jumping on the Super Bowl bandwagon. But for now, we’re eager to see which trailer has the greatest impact as we prep for the commercial overload that’s coming our way this weekend.

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