Even at the end of July I never, ever would have guessed that August's big release, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, would go on to become not just one of the summer's biggest hits, but one of it's legitimately best movies, and one that immediately screamed for a sequel, even though its a prequel to one of the most famous film franchises of all time. I mean, everything about the movie screamed "unnecessary cash grab" until we actually saw it, and between Andy Serkis's magnificent performance as Caesar to the tight and thrilling screenplay, Apes, turned out to be exactly the summer blockbuster we'd been missing all year.

So of course, it's high time to start talking sequel, and with director Rupert Wyatt planning to return for the future adventures of Caesar and "Why Cookie Rocket", it's putting another one of his projects in question. Deadline reports that Wyatt is likely to back away from Londongrad, the story of poisoned Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko that was recently pursuing Michael Fassbender as star. Fox has the option on Wyatt so he pretty much has to return when they're ready, and of course, a sequel to Apes is coming the sooner the better.

It's unclear if Wyatt might be able to wait out Londongrad until Apes is done, but who knows how long that might take. In the meantime we might want to stop looking out for this one, and instead focus our attention on hoping for an Apes sequel that's s good as the first. It's a tall order, but I feel surprisingly confident that Wyatt can do it.

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