See The Entire Cast Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past Onstage At Comic-Con

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We were pretty sure it was going to happen, but seeing it all roll out in real life was still pretty cool. The entire cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past-- including two versions of both Magneto and Professor X!-- took the stage at Comic-Con today, joined by Bryan Singer to give fans a first look at the massive superhero sequel due in theaters next year. The above photo was snapped by Sean from inside Hall H, and yes, the quality is not that great-- but you can tell the massiveness of the cast with just one look.

Can you name them all from left to right? We admit we're having some trouble-- that looks like a clump of producers down to the left before you get to Omar Sy and Ellen Page, and Michael Fassbender is in the green T-shirt wearing one of the animal masks from You're Next, of all things. Sean is reporting on the panel as it happens right here in his liveblog, so you can follow along with everything that went down, which apparently included Ian McKellen flirting with Michael Fassbender-- you don't want to miss it.

Now that the panel is over, here's what Sean had to say about the footage that was screened, which surprisingly didn't include a reveal of the giant robot Sentinels who will certainly be part of the film. But Wolverine fighting Magneto ought to make up for it, right?

There will be older versions of SInger's cast in a battered future. Old Magneto and Old Xavier, who now stand side by side, send Wolverine's conscience back to his younger body, where he must convince young Xavier (McAvoy) to correct past mistakes and prevent the brutal reality. The footage was a montage of character head shots, with some Magneto and Wolverine battle shots, some combat sequences, but a lack of Sentinels. No Sentinels. Thought that would be the big reveal. Singer did say the effects shots are nowhere near done. But in general, it was a fantastic panel, and a rare treat for rabid X-Men fans!

And here's a even better version of the full group shot that director Bryan Singer tweeted when the panel was over:

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend