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One of the unexpected bonuses of watching the NBA Finals this year has been the trailers running during the commercial breaks-- this is something the rest of you probably figured out in the 90s, but I had no idea how much many summer movies will advertise to the basketball fans. And one of the best trailers I've seen yet during the finals is the new one for The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which once again makes this movie look like ridiculous fun and adventure without taking itself too seriously (like, uh, Prince of Persia, Robin Hood and virtually everything else that's come out this summer.

The new trailer includes a lot of footage we've already seen, but if I'm not mistaken has the first glimpse at the movie's take on the iconic "dancing brooms" sequence from the original "Sorcerer's Apprentice" that was part of Fantasia. Watch it embedded below, and when The Sorcerer's Apprentice turns out to be the unexpected hit of the summer, remember you heard it here first.

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