Unused Basterds Poster Is Glourious

As soon as I saw Inglourious Basterds for myself I realized how ridiculously misleading the advertising campaign was, with all its focus on bloody baseball bats and Brad Pitt's sneer and the notion that this is an action revenge movie.

Clearly the campaign worked, given the $37 million haul over the weekend. But imagine if a poster actually captured the spirit of the film, in a way that you'd want to hang it on your wall and remember all the excellent pieces of this gigantic movie? Enter illustrator James Goodridge, who designed a hand-drawn poster for the film that was rejected by the Weinstein Company, but is available now online. PosterWire interviewed him about his career and the process of making the poster, but the best part is by far the art itself, which you can see below.

It evokes Indiana Jones and Star Wars in its illustrated floating heads, but also captures pretty much every great element of the film, from Shosanna running through the field away from her farmhouse to the climactic ending in the movie theater. Check it out below, and cross your fingers that you might someday be able to own this poster for yourself.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend