Warner Bros. Wants An Inception Sequel, Even Though They Know It Won't Happen

As much as we may want to see the continuing adventures of Eames and Arthur and Ariadne as they invade brains and trade witty quips, I think we all felt pretty relieved knowing that Christopher Nolan would never approve a sequel to Inception. After all, the surest way to ruin a good thing is to make a lesser version of it all over again, and Nolan knows better than anyone how to keep his ideas fresh and move on to something new rather than retread the same territory.

Unfortunately, the studio that made Inception may not have the same foresight. The Australian site What's Playing learned from their fairly well-connected source that Warner Bros. wants to find a way to make a sequel to Inception. Before you panic, though, they're well aware that there are plenty of obstacles in the way. Says the source via e-mail:

"Doesn’t make a lick of sense creatively, but financially? well… it made ”a lot” of money for them. Can’t imagine [Christopher] Nolan wanting to do a sequel, let alone direct one. Also don’t imagine Jeff would want to piss off Nolan by doing one around him. All interest is on the studio side at this stage."

Really, with all of those factors in mind, this is very much a non-story-- a studio trying to find a way to make more money off a hit? Unbelievable! Consider this pretty much just a warning for now, and a reminder that, indeed, nothing is sacred.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend