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If you love Inglourious Basterds as much as I do, you'll happily watch pretty much any behind the scenes footage-- I'd watch Christoph Waltz light that pipe over and over again for a solid day. But even if you're not fascinated with Tarantino's tongue-in-cheek masterpiece, I promise the below video (via Slashfilm) is well worth watching. You know how before every scene, the clapboard operator comes up to announce the scene and take number? Usually they use radio operator lingo-- A is for Alpha, B is for Bravo, etc. etc.-- to distinguish the letters from one another. But Tarantino's Italian "camera angel" Geraldine Brezca has come up with her own, foulmouthed, movie-inspired lingo entirely.

Not only is everything out of this woman's mouth hilarious, but you get to see the entire Basterds cast crack up every time she comes up with something new and hilarious. I particularly liked seeing the actor who played Goebbels totally lose composure, because really, there wasn't enough of that guy in the movie. Seriously, check out the clip below, and see it and plenty of other extras on the Basterds DVD.

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