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Zootopia Just Set A Huge Overseas Record

The box office market has been extremely kind to Zootopia in its two weeks of general release. No bigger sign of this public generosity is the fact that this weekend saw the film open to record breaking attendance in China, setting the single day animation record at $25.2 million.

Variety broke the news of the latest Disney flick setting the bar higher for all animated films that aim to take a shot at the record. The film has also become the highest grossing Disney film in China, as it's already shot past Big Hero 6's record of $83.5 million. Sitting at $89 million in two weekends, Zootopia has its sights set on trumping the champ, Kung Fu Panda 3, as it only needs to beat $152 million to claim the top spot for Animated film grosses in China.

With the current worldwide grosses sitting at $431 million, Zootopia is more than likely going to have folks wondering if it's the next Frozen, whose total grosses stand at around $1.3 million worldwide. Seeing as the film has brought in almost half that much money over the course of two weeks, there's a chance that it might happen, as next weekend's competition might not go too hard on the newest Disney IP. However, there is one big superhero sized elephant in the room that's going to make things difficult for Zootopia to scale the same heights Anna and Elsa climbed in 2013, ind its name is Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

With the Warner Bros. picture on track for a $140 million opening in North America, per the estimates released about a week ago from THR, Zootopia will have to severely strategize in order to withstand the storm. However, considering the weekend after Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice is pretty dead in terms of new competition, as well as the fact that most superhero films have huge openings and massive second weekend drop offs, Zootopia could clean up just fine. In fact, it could rise to the top of the standings again, depending on how the public at large reacts to the Zack Snyder directed comic flick after first glance.

For the time being though, Zootopia is on a roll, and it's making waves with its performance at home, as well as abroad. Though if Judy, Nick and the citizens of that zoo of a city want to make the massive money Frozen did back in its prime, they'd better squirrel away as a much box office goodwill as they can before the clash of the DC titans hits theaters everywhere. Though if it doesn't work out this time, there's always Zootopia 2!

Zootopia is in theaters now, while Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will hit theaters on March 25th.

Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes

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