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It's been a good year for Disney at the box office. Like, a really good year. Between their own animation studio, Marvel, and Pixar, the company has had one movie or another setting records. Now, they've passed another major mark. Finding Dory was just recently released in some parts of Europe and that box office income has pushed the movie over the $1 billion mark worldwide. It's a mark only two other films have hit this year, and oh, yeah...those are also from Disney.

Finding Dory

While Finding Dory hit most screens in mid-June, the film has seen a long slow roll out in other countries since then. It was just released in Germany, Austria, and the German-speaking part of Sweden this past weekend, and that last several million dollars were enough to put it over $1 billion according to The Hollywood Reporter. It now follows previous Disney efforts Zootopia and Captain America: Civil War which also crossed the mark. Running a very close fourth place with $966 million is, believe it or not, a fourth Disney film, The Jungle Book.

To call this year a big win for Disney is the understatement of the year. While not every film the studio has released has been a massive hit, the ones that have been are fighting among themselves to see which one can be the biggest movie of the year. While Captain America: Civil War has been the top movie globally, Finding Dory has the domestic crown.

The year is far from over for Disney either. The studio has at least three more releases that are expected to be big. November will see the release of the newest Marvel Studios film, Doctor Strange, as well as a second Disney animated feature, Moana. Then December will see the newest entry in the Star Wars franchise. While none of the three of these will be guaranteed billion dollar success stories, it seems clear all three will be major hits. The biggest question would appear to be, how much business can they do this year, considering how late they're being released?

The other interesting thing about these numbers is that Disney has been doing a fantastic job with quality over quantity. While Universal set several records regarding yearly box office revenue for a studio last year, it took them 21 films to do it. Disney only has 10 films that have been in theaters in 2016. They currently sit only about $300 million behind what Universal did domestically, and it's a safe bet that with the films Disney has left they will be able to significantly surpass that numbers.

Which of Disney's releases has been your favorite so far? Do you think Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be able to put up numbers the way Star Wars: The Force Awakens did? Let us know in the comments below.

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