One Way George Lucas Helped With Solo: A Star Wars Story

Alden Ehrenreich Solo: A Star Wars Story

George Lucas has had no direct involvement in the Star Wars franchise since he sold his company to Disney, but he still drops by from time to time, and during a set visit to Solo: A Star Wars Story, he was able to help out in a way only he could. Solo director Ron Howard revealed last night onThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert that Lucas was watching a scene being filmed when he made a suggestion for a different way for Han Solo to react in a given situation. Howard immediately grabbed the suggestion and used it. According to the director...

We were doing a scene and he was trying to stay out of the way, but he did lean over and he said, 'You know what Han would really do there?' I said, 'What?' And he told me the joke, he gave me a little joke. And I said [to the crew], 'Hey, guess what? Here's what we're gonna do in the next take.' So I know when I hear a good idea.

Ron Howard doesn't elaborate to Stephen Colbert at all on the scene that was being filmed, so we likely won't know the joke that George Lucas added to the movie when we hear it. In fact, we don't even know if that particular take made it into the final cut of the movie. Somebody will need to remember to ask the director about it after the movie comes out.

George Lucas has paid a visit to the set of all the Star Wars movies that have come out under the Disney banner. While he may not be directly involved in the franchise anymore, he clearly still feels a connection to it, considering how big a part of his life it was. We've heard stories multiple times about the cast and crew being a little star struck when Lucas appears. He is the godfather of this whole thing, and, in the end, without George Lucas, we wouldn't have a Star Wars to love.

Which isn't to say the man doesn't still have something to contribute. When George Lucas tells you how Han Solo would react in a particular situation, you listen to the man who created Han Solo. It's a good thing that new people and new ideas are being brought to the franchise in an attempt to expand it in new ways but, while you want to include new voices, it doesn't mean you want to completely ignore the old ones.

On this May the Fourth, tickets for Solo: A Star Wars Story have done on sale ahead of the film's May 25 release. Thus far, the film is on track to have a monster opening weekend. Not Avengers: Infinity War levels of money, but they can't all be that big.

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