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Woody Allen’s magical mystery tour of Europe’s finest destinations shows very little sign of slowing down. After a handful of features in London and its outskirts, the legendary New Yorker has made pitstops in Barcelona (Vicky Cristina Barcelona) and France (Midnight in Paris). He’s currently filming The Bop Decameron in Rome, Italy with Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, Penelope Cruz, Greta Gerwig and Alec Baldwin. From there, Allen prepares to shift to Germany for an as-yet-untitled picture that would shoot next summer.

THR says Munich’s Bavaria Studios is negotiating with Allen to host the prolific septuagenarian. While the story was short on details – Allen usually keeps everything close to the chest until it’s time to open the movie – THR did note that Bavaria would come on board as a co-financier, and the film could have a budget near $25 million.

Allen is coming off the most successful film of his career in Midnight, which crossed the $50 million mark at the domestic box office this past weekend, making it the director’s highest-grossing movie to date. The European air has to agree with him. In addition to earning strong box office, Paris, Barcelona and Match Point all earned positive reviews. Yet when Allen comes home, he turns out less critically-acclaimed fare like Whatever Works (50% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes). I do wonder if Allen will try a drama or thriller after this recent string of ensemble comedies. We’ll know more when Woody feels like revealing it. In the meantime, let’s guess where he’ll go next. Sweden? Amsterdam? Mother Russia? China?!

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