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9 Famous TV Characters Shows Pretended To Kill Off

TV has been killing people off for a long time. And every so often, shows have been bringing those people back to audiences that had largely accepted the fact that the characters were gone. Here are 9 of them.

Dallas Renewed For Season 3

Dallas' second season ratings weren't quite what they were in its first season. The series logged 4.29 million viewers for its first season finale, and the second season finale fell just shy of three million viewers. But TNT appears to be pleased enough with the series' numbers to renew the show for a third season. The order matches the fifteen episodes delivered in Season 2.

Adventure Time, Robot Chicken, Dallas And More Added To Netflix Streaming

Netflix is getting a lot more fun with its latest crop of new additions, it's Adventure Time! Come on and grab your friends… The streaming video subscription service has secured deals with Turner's Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, which means Adventure Time, Robot Chicken, Regular Show and a number of other great animated and live-action series are now available to streaming subscribers. The announcement also included word that the first season of TNT's Dallas is now available streaming.

Dallas Season 2 Episodes Available Streaming Ahead Of J.R.'s Funeral

Television viewers are still mourning the death of Larry Hagman, and on Dallas they’re about to mourn the passing of his character, J.R Ewing, perhaps one of the best-known TV characters in television history. Now TNT is giving viewers the chance to get caught up on the swan song of J.R.’s saga by streaming Season 2 on their website.

Dallas Season 2 Preview Teases Backstabbing, Greed, Seduction And Murder

Dallas returns tonight for its anticipated second season with a two-hour premiere. The latest promo for the series' return focuses on the drama ahead, and also reminds us that this is Larry Hagman's final season, as the actor who played J.R. Ewing passed away during the production of the second season. Vague spoilers ahead!

Adventure Time, Robot Chicken, Dallas And More Headed To Netflix

Netflix is always working to bring new streaming content to the table and on Monday, the home entertainment company announced it has worked out a deal for complete seasons of Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Animation, and Adult Swim. Additionally, just to shake things up a bit, fans will also be treated to episodes of TNT’s Dallas.

Dallas Season 2 Plans J.R.'s Funeral In The Wake Of Larry Hagman's Passing

With Larry Hagman's recent passing, it's likely that fans of TNT's Dallas revival are wondering how J.R.'s departure would be dealt with on the drama when it returns for its second season next year. Not only was Hagman's character a part of the current series, but J.R. Ewing was an iconic character from the original series. So it wouldn't be unfair to expect that the show would plan something big to give the character and Hagman a proper sendoff.

Dallas' Larry Hagman Passes Away At 81

In unfortunate news, actor Larry Hagman has reportedly died at the age if 81. The actor best known for his roles in I Dreamed of Jeannie and Dallas was battling cancer and unfortunately passed away at a hospital in Dallas today. In addition to appearing in the new Dallas on TNT, Hagman's acting credits in recent years include Desperate Housewives and Nip/Tuck.

Annie Wersching Will Recur In Dallas' Season 2

Annie Wersching is headed to TNT to join the hit drama Dallas during the show’s second season. The former 24 actress will recur in new episodes of the show as a transportation commissioner, with a hardworking, career-oriented attitude and more than a little sex appeal.

Dallas Season 2, Southland Season 5 And Other TNT Premiere Dates Set

With the Fall TV season officially underway, it isn't too soon to start looking ahead at the winter schedule. TNT appears to agree as they've set the premiere dates for a number of new and returning series for later this fall or 2013. That includes the return of Rizzoli & Isles and Dallas, as well as the premiere of their new medical drama Monday Mornings. Also set to return is Southland.

TNT Renews Dallas For Season 2

Would we say it was a risk for TNT to bring Dallas back to television? On one hand, the original series was hugely popular back in its heyday. But, as previous attempts at reboots have proven, the popularity of the original series doesn't guaranty a hit for a reboot or sequel. Rest in peace Knight Rider, Bionic Woman and more recently Charlie's Angels. Then again, maybe it isn't fair to compare TNT's Dallas revival to some of network TV's failed attempts at TV reboots.

TNT's Dallas Scores Solid Ratings For Its Premiere

Dallas has returned! TNT brought the soapy drama series back last night with two back-to-back episodes to re-introduce us to the Ewings of Southfork, which includes a new generation of ambitious beautiful people. The numbers are in and it looks like TNT has cause to celebrate, as the drama garnered some impressive ratings for its debut.

Dallas Preview: Patrick Duffy And The New Cast Trot Out Their Texas Accents

With all the sweeping helicopter shots and big dramatic scene of striking oil, it's obvious this take on Dallas is trying to prove its' not going to be the stodgy, big-haired soap opera you remember from the 80s. Then again, they've got a character named J.R. and they're promising plenty of inter-family intrigue, so it won't get too far from its roots either

24's Carlos Bernard Gets A Recurring Role On TNT's Dallas

24 fans will appreciate this bit of casting news. Carlos Bernard, known for playing the often serious CTU agent Tony Almeida in the popular Fox action-thriller series 24 is set to play a recurring role on TNT’s reboot of Dallas.

Dallas Preview: Look Behind The Scenes Of TNT's Upcoming New Drama

If you’re looking forward to the return of Dallas next summer won’t want to miss this video. Production is underway on the series and TNT was kind enough to release a video that looks behind the scenes of the first episode of the revived series.

First Teaser For TNT's Dallas Shows The Old Blood And The New

TNT just released the first look at the return/reboot of Dallas so it's time to see what your favorite Texans have been up to these last 20 years... or if you're like me and skew a little younger than the original audience you can find out a little about the characters and what the hell went on in Dallas in the '80s. I mean, why did they have to shoot this JR guy anyway? I think it's something do to with horses and oil.

TNT Taking Us Back To Dallas; Sneak Peeks Tonight During The Closer And Rizzoli & Isles

Maybe it's just me, I am a generation or two behind the times, but the only thing that Dallas means to me is..."Who Shot J.R.?" I didn't even know who J.R. was, or why someone would want to shoot him, but I do know somebody did (I'm pretty sure it was Maggie Simpson). Despite my generational ignorance, TNT is reviving and updating the former hit for next summer.

Metcalfe And Gonzalo Cast In Dallas Pilot

Two more actors have signed on for the Dallas pilot and looking at the photos of the people signed on for this show, I’m starting to see a pattern here: They’re all really, ridiculously good looking.

TNT's Dallas Continuation Starts To Cast

Jordana Brewster will play a ranch cook's daughter named Elena that falls for both cousins. It's always nice to see a show that writes drama right into the main cast descriptions. I havne't seen a second of this show and already I know there's financial issues, broken hearts and class warfare

Dynasty May Make The Jump From 80s Soap Opera To Blockbuster Movie

You’d think if any 80s prime-time soap opera was going to make the transition to feature films, it’d be Dallas. That project, though long sought after, has never really turned into anything concrete.

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