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See What Aldis Hodge Could Look Like As Hawkman In Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam Movie

Aldis Hodge is making his DCEU debut in Black Adam, and now we can see what he might look like as Hawkman.

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Black Adam’s Aldis Hodge Explains How The Rock Is Already Inspiring His Hawkman

Black Adam's Aldis Hodge was motivated by The Rock's physical training.

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Shang-Chi And 13 Other Cool Comic Book Movie Characters Debuting In 2021

These superheroes are finally ready for their close-ups

Why It's So Exciting Black Adam Will Celebrate Hawkman’s African Origins
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Hawkman: Everything You Need To Know About Aldis Hodge's Black Adam Character

If only Aldis Hodge had Hawkman's mace when The Invisible Man attacked...

Black Adam: See What Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman Could Look Like In The DCEU
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Dwayne Johnson Confirms Black Adam’s Hawkman Casting With Hilarious Story
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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Movie Has Found Its Hawkman

The winged superhero will be part of the Justice Society lineup.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Movie Has Revealed Its Justice Society Lineup

This will mark the longtime DC superhero team's theatrical debut.

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Dwayne Johnson Has The Perfect Response To Ryan Reynolds’ Hawkman Comments
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5 DC Characters Tom Hardy Would Be Perfect As (That Aren't Bane)

When you think of Bane, you think of Tom Hardy, but what other DC characters might the actor remind you of?

7 DC Characters Who Could Show Up In Wonder Woman 2

With Wonder Woman 2 reportedly moving the action to the 1980s, these are the DC mainstays that we think should show up to meet Diana Prince.

The 9 Most Likely Superheroes To Join The Justice League In Future Movies

If/when the Justice League opens its ranks, there are the heroes who should be considered for recruitment.

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2: What We Know So Far

Here's everything we currently know about the newly announced second season for The CW's DC superhero team-up show, Legends Of Tomorrow.

Legends Of Tomorrow: The CW Series Has Finally Found Its Hawkman

As the upcoming super-spinoff Legends of Tomorrow gets closer to making its way to our eyeballs, we’re finding out more about the many characters that will populate its shared universe. We now know who will be don Hawkman’s giant pair of wings for The CW’s trio of superhero shows.

How The Flash And Arrow Will Introduce Hawkman

Hawkgirl isn’t the only winged wonder that will be appearing in Legends of Tomorrow, and before Hawkman gets involved with the the super-spinoff's protagonists and their time traveling hijinks, he may show up elsewhere on your television.

Suicide Squad May Hint At A Future For Hawkman

Next year we will get to see the first ever big screen version of Midway City in Suicide Squad, and that fact could be a hint towards the potential existence of the hero known as Hawkman.

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Hawkman Movie In Development At Warner Bros.

This past weekend a viral video began to circulate featuring a bunch of superheroes in a bar congratulating Green Lantern on his upcoming movie adaptation. Then the night is subsequently ruined when Hawkman, a severely outdated DC character shows up and starts asking if his "friends" can set him up with a deal of his own.

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