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James Franco Is On Board For A New X-Men Project With Simon Kinberg

James Franco is joining the X-Men film universe in a project centered on one of Marvel Comics' more unusual mutants.

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Why James Franco Wishes He Didn't Host The Oscars

All is well that ends well, of course. Anne Hathaway went on to win her first Oscar in 2013 for playing Fantine in Tom Hooper's Les Miserables. And James Franco is being interviewed because he's a legit Best Actor contender for playing Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist, a movie about the making of The Room.

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That Time James Franco Stole Pineapple Express' Best Joke From Seth Rogen

Remember James Franco's most memorable line from Pineapple Express? Well, it turns out that he actually stole it from Seth Rogen, and Rogen wants the world to know.

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James Franco's The Disaster Artist Is Already Racking Up Awards

James Franco's new movie The Disaster Artist is based on a notoriously so-bad-it's-popular movie The Room. While The Room never earned any critical accolades, The Disaster Artist looks as if it won't be following the same trajectory.

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How The Disaster Artist Cast Recreated The Room, According To Dave Franco

But The Room, which plays Midnight repertories and encourages passionate reactions from its rabid fanbase, has a very distinct look... one that's very, very bad. Because Franco was meticulous in telling the story of how Tommy and his best friend, Greg Sestero, created The Room, he and his collaborators -- Seth Rogen and brother Dave Franco -- went to great lengths to match The Room at every step.

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The Disaster Artist Has Screened, Here’s What Early Reviews Are Saying

James Franco directs and stars in The Disaster Artist, a movie about The Room that you don't have to have seen The Room to enjoy.

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How The Room's Tommy Wiseau Feels About James Franco's The Disaster Artist

The Room is one of the most infamous films ever put on a screen. The Disaster Artist is the new movie that will tell the story of just how such an incredible piece of work actually came to be. But what does the man behind The Room think of it all?

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Dave Franco Explains Why It Took So Long To Work With James Franco

It's not easy to have a relative who's famous in the field you want to endeavor in. But eventually, if the right project comes along, you kind of have to give in to fate. Read on to see why Dave Franco resisted working with his brother, James, before The Disaster Artist.

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The Disaster Artist Full Trailer With James Franco Is Exactly As Wild As You'd Expect

If you thought The Room was weird, wait until you hear the story about how it was made. Read on to see the full trailer for James Franco's The Disaster Artist.

You Can Thank James Franco For Margot Robbie's Spring Breakers Costume

No lie, Margot Robbie once rocked a pretty impressive costume based off of James Franco's character in Spring Breakers. And even more surprising is the fact that the man himself helped her perfect it. Get the details, inside.

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Seth Rogen And James Franco Are Going Back To Their Roots With New Hulu Series

The comedy team of Seth Rogen and James Franco have created some of the most entertaining movies in recent years. Now, they're working together for a return to the small screen.

Is James Franco In Alien: Covenant? Here’s What He Says

Rumors have surfaced suggesting that James Franco has a role in Alien: Covenant, but are they true? Here's what the actor had to say.

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Alien: Covenant May Have Added A Surprise Star

Believe it or not, Alien: Covenant may have snuck in a surprise cast member into its production schedule, and it's a pretty big surprise if this rumor turns out to be true. Read on to hear who might be joining Ridley Scott's adventures off-world.

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Bryan Cranston And James Franco Have No Filter In Nasty, NSFW Red-Band Why Him Trailer

Christmas is usually the time for lovely, family movies about people coming together to celebrate the holidays in peace and joy. This is not that movie.

Christian Slater Got Real Competitive With James Franco For Their Gay Sex Scenes In New Movie

Christian Slater was very intent on not being outdone by James Franco during King Cobra's gay scenes. So much so that he improvised during the film's most intimate moments to give them an edge.

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The A-List Actor Who Could Have Starred In Preacher

AMC's freshman series Preacher stars Dominic Cooper, and it's hard to imagine another actor in the role at this point. According to one of the producers, however, another actor with a very big name could have led the series.

James Franco Might Be In The New Predator Movie, Here’s What We Know

Get your grain of salt ready because you're going to want to it with this one. According to the latest rumor, James Franco is high on the list to star in the new Predator movie.

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James Franco Is Every Dad's Nightmare In Red-Band Why Him? Trailer

Why Him? is one of those movies that may hit a little too close to home for many viewers. If you have a daughter, this might not be a comedy. It could turn out to be a horror movie.

Watch The Amazing Trailer For James Franco's Lesbian Vampire Lifetime Remake

That's a lot of crazy things in this world, but James Franco's lesbian vampire Lifetime remake has to pretty high on the list. Check out the first trailer for the remake of a 1996 cult classic, that needless to say, takes some liberties with the source material.

James Franco's Future World Just Added 2 Huge Stars

James Franco is ready to take off into the world of the future, and he's got a pretty good cast accompanying him there! Read on to see the two latest stars to board the project.

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