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Former Saved By The Bell star Mark-Paul Gosselaar has already been a father for more than a decade, but now, he’s got another little one to look after. The star and his beautiful new wife Catriona McGinn welcomed in their first child together, a little boy, and his third overall on Monday, and by all accounts, the delivery couldn’t have gone better.

Here’s what Gosselaar told US Weekly
"We are overjoyed with the new addition to our family. We are madly in love with our little boy. He is healthy and just perfect -- all we could ask for.”

As for the little guy’s name, he will be known as Dekker Edward Gosselaar, which is original enough without being too ridiculous. That’s the key with celebrity names. Most famous people aren’t big fans of handles like Greg or Bruce, but there’s a big difference between working a little outside the box and picking something that’s straight up ludicrous. This name walks that line perfectly, and one would imagine Dekker will love it moving forward.

Gosselaar was married to his first wife, Lisa Ann Russell, for fourteen years. They had two children together, ten-year-old Michael and seven-year-old Ava, but unfortunately, the union didn’t work out. They were officially divorced back in 2011, and not long after, Gosselaar began seeing McGinn, while his now ex-wife got together with Jeff Probst. A wedding followed last summer, and now, the two have become even more like a modern family.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to Gosselaar, McGinn and their entire immediate and extended families. Having a baby requires a ton of work, an unlimited source of patience and plenty of resources, but with enough determination, these two will come out the other side. In fact, there’s no reason to think they won’t be wonderful parents.

We will keep you updated if the Franklin & Bash star speaks on the record.

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