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Whitney Houston The Bodyguard

Whitney Houston left us too soon at the age of 48. The chart-topping musician left behind a legion of adoring fans and a legacy that won't soon be topped. The wide-range singer also left behind something personal: her own bible, which is now currently on sale for a hefty price. Indeed, if you're looking to read the good book owned by the musician herself during her short life, you can acquire it for $95,000.

The personalized bible is being put on sale by Moments in Time, according to TMZ. Its authenticity can be traced to Whitney Houston's personal handwriting, which is found throughout the holy book. Photo evidence proves the book belonged to The Bodyguard actress, as it contained personalized life events documented. For instance, under marriage, Whitney Houston jotted down her name as well as Robert B. Brown, a.k.a. Bobby Brown, on July 18th, 1992. Under births, it also lists the late Bobbi K. Kristina and her birthday, March 4th, 1993. These dates match up with Whitney Houston's life.

The book was left in Whitney Houston's home from 2009 to 2011, the year before she left this world. The bible was found in a box alongside some clothes and CDs by the trash after she evacuated the house. The landlord found these miscellaneous items and he previously signed an NDA. He also contacted the agent of the late musician as well, before he was eventually told he could keep the various households products, if he so wished.

While the landlord ultimately decided to throw away most of Whitney Houston's discarded memorabilia, he kept the bible because he thought it was "interesting." Eventually, if he makes nearly a million dollars from it, it'll make him a pretty penny too. The house was sold in 2012, meanwhile. It was a Newport Beach luxury rental.

This landlord's decision to sell off the personalized bible comes at any interesting time for Whitney Houston's legacy. A new documentary about the musician, entitled Whitney, recently premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last month. It's scheduled to hit theaters nationwide on July 7th. The new film from director Kevin Macdonald earned controversy for claiming that the singer was molested as a child. Additionally, Whitney Houston was recently in the news when Pusha-T recently his newest studio album, Daytona, produced by Kanye West, which featured a snapshot of Whitney Houston's disorganized bathroom. It should be noted that the bathroom in this once-private photo reportedly was found in a different household than the one mentioned above. Kanye West reportedly spent $85,000 for that photo. Evidently, that's less than what this landlord wants for Whitney Houston's very own bible. If you have enough money and want to buy it for yourself, you can place your bid in the link above.