George Lucas and his new wife Mellody Hobson are proud parents. Just seven months or so after getting engaged and two months or so after walking down the aisle, the couple welcomed a biological child via surrogate on Friday. The little girl will usher in yet another big adjustment, but no doubt it’s a responsibility they’ll both eagerly embrace.

Lucas adopted three children during his first marriage. At this point, however, thirty-two-year-old Amanda, twenty-five-year-old Katie and twenty-year-old Jett are all grown and out of the house. No doubt their absence has made Lucas’ house (not Skywalker Ranch) a must less festive and noisy place. This little girl will certainly change that, but I’m sure the Star Wars creator and the Dreamworks head could use a little chaos and clutter in their lives.

Not a whole lot of details about the little girl have been released to the general public, but according to E! Online, we have been given a name. Considering how many wild alien characters George has coined over the years, the little girl’s handle certainly could have gone off the deep end, but luckily for her, it’s within the bounds of common thought. From this point forward, she will be known as Everest Hobson Lucas.

Everest might not be as familiar as Lisa or Andrea, but it’s a) not difficult to pronounce and b) not instant double take weird. For a couple who have spent their lives climbing to the top of different challenges and never letting any obstacles get in their way, it also has pretty clear and overt significance too. I’m not sure anyone will ever ask George or Mellody why they picked Everest.

On the one hand, I feel like this name is a great middle ground between giving your kid a handle that tons of other people have and giving your kid a name that no one else would ever consider choosing. I think it actually has a nice feminine quality to it, and I think it really conveys the a certain grace and sophistication. On the other hand, however, it’s a little bit outside the box, and it’s a little strange to name someone after a mount, especially a girl who might not want to think of herself as overly big or imposing.

What do you think? All things considered, how do you feel about the name Everest? Are you down or do you think all involved could have done better? Let us know your thoughts by rating the choice in the poll below…

What Do You Think Of The Name Everest?

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