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James Franco has spent the past decade putting his hands in as many cookie jars as possible. He’s filmed big budget movies, and he’s filmed smaller, independent ones. He’s been on television shows, taken college classes, written books and even sold invisible art. Along the way, he’s allegedly used that Renaissance Man persona to have a good time with numerous women (maybe including Lindsay Lohan). On the whole, the general public has been pretty supportive of James Franco’s eccentricities, but the latest of his alleged attempted hook-ups may come with a big price. Because the girl was under eighteen.

The story broke earlier this week, and it’s been flying around the Internet ever since. Apparently, Franco was at an autograph signing for his new play Of Mice And Men when he met a 17-year-old girl from Scotland named Lucy Clode. She took videos and pictures. He asked her to tag them, and they allegedly started communicating via Twitter and later text messages. We know, or at least supposedly know, because she told friends, and they later put screenshots up of the correspondence on Reddit.

You can take a look at two of those alleged screenshots below, courtesy of The Daily Dot

Clearly, this whole thing looks like shady business. The girl tells him that she’s under 18 years old, and he keeps trucking forward. Later, in messages that switch to text form, we even see him ask to rent a hotel room, as well as include a picture of his face for verification, but there are clearly some messages missing that may or may not show him in a better light. In addition, messages like this are relatively simple to alter if someone has good Photoshop skills.

As for Franco, he seems to be taking the bad publicity in stride. He tweeted out a message to parents asking them to keep their teenagers away from him. Depending on how much traction this story gets, he may be forced to speak on the subject a little more directly. If he does, we’ll let you know what he has to say.

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