James Franco's Neighbors Hate Him

Living next door to James Franco might sound like a glamorous existence on paper, but in reality, it’s a trashy nightmare. At least that’s what several of the actor’s neighbors have told the Los Angeles Housing Department in multiple formalized complaints.

According to TMZ, Franco lives on a pretty small and secluded street. Prior to his arrival, there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic, but thanks to the steady stream of film crews and other people he brings in and out, the street is now always busy. More importantly, his guests frequently block other people’s driveways and make way too much noise. Because of all the foot traffic and film project work being done inside Franco’s house, the actor allegedly generates an unusual amount of trash too, which he leaves outside and regularly blows onto other people’s properties. As you can imagine, that’s also caused quite a stir.

Hollywood is filled with plenty of bad neighbors. More often than not, the bad neighboring has to do with excessive partying or flat-out obnoxious behavior. This mess, however, just sounds like Franco has been treating his house as an office and working constantly, which, because of its location, is hard for everyone to deal with. If so, that’s just a bad situation and one without an easy answer.

Here’s to hoping Franco and his neighbors can get on the same page and work out their differences.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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