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Michelle Shocked may have eventually apologized about her utterly bizarre gay marriage rant at a recent concert, but that doesn’t mean she’s willing to quietly take her medicine and move on. Last night, the singer showed up at one of the venues that cancelled her performance looking like a deranged futuristic mummy with black tape over her mouth with the words “Silenced By Fear” scrawled on it.

Here’s what Shocked said on Twitter prior to her appearance…
”Moe's in S Cruz tonight ok? Its an art project 'My Summer Vacation' I want your autograph. Bring Sharpie. #truthvsreality #shortsharpshocked”

According to The Daily Mail, Shocked’s mummy-like white outfit was actually a disposable safety suit. She wore it to Moe’s and brought along a bunch of Sharpies with the intention of having fans sign her weird suit. She also pasted all sorts of signs on the wall asking if Free Speech really scared people this much.

Here’s the problem for Shocked. Yes, she has the right to say whatever the hell she wants about any group, but anyone who owns a bar or venue has equally as much right to decide they don’t want to put her on stage to rant about her distaste for homosexuality again. Free Speech flows in multiple directions, regardless of who it might be inconvenient for.

Whether Shocked likes it or not, gay marriage is coming. Every year, more and more Americans voice at least vague support for the practice. Here’s to hoping that figure only keeps increasing.