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Should Whitney Houston's Mom Be Mad About Invite To Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party?

Last year, Whitney Houston was the scheduled entertainer at renowned music mogul Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party. Unfortunately, she passed away just hours before she was scheduled to perform, shocking not only her friends and family members but also music fans around the world. This year, Davis is once again moving forward with his pre-Grammy party, though his guest list doesn’t exactly sit well with Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston.

According to Access Hollywood, Cissy got an invitation in the mail for Davis’ party earlier this year, and she is furious about it. Calling his thought process “obscene”, the still-grieving mother recently went public with her complaints. Here’s a portion of her statement…

“I don’t know why they would want me to come to the party in which she died, you know? Unheard of.”

It’s easy to see why Cissy is so pissed off. She’s not really friends with Davis. She wouldn’t ordinarily get invited to his party; so, from her perspective, the invitation is just one deranged reminder of the circumstances of her daughter’s death. On the other hand, it’s easy to see where Clive is coming from. Whitney died right before his party last year, and he decided to continue the tradition. He probably wants to think of this year as being in honor of Whitney, and what better way to do that than to invite her mom?

What do you think? Was inviting Cissy poor form? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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Mack Rawden
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