Whitney Houston’s family might have attended the Billboard Music Awards last night to pay tribute to the departed singer, but apparently, they spent a good portion of the evening causing drama. At least that’s what is being alleged by several people who were there and supposedly watched Pat Houston try to have Ray J arrested.

It’s no secret certain members of the Houston family don’t think Ray J was the best influence on Whitney. The singer had drugs in her system when she died, and given she spent loads of time with Ray J the last few months of her life, some have decided he must have been an enabler. There’s no hard evidence to support that claim, but alas, the grudge reportedly exists and reared its head last night after they were all seated together.

According to E! Online, the Houston family wanted Ray J to change seats prior to the Whitney tribute. He supposedly refused, prompting the family to try and have security remove him. TMZ claims Pat Houston was told that could lead to an altercation caught on tape, at which point, she supposedly calmed down and decided to move forward without incident.

A publicist for the Houston family has already denied any confrontation happened. Whether that’s true or not, this whole thing would seem to confirm there is bad blood between the two parties. Regardless, Whitney got her tribute without any fisticuffs, and that’s probably all that matters.

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