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It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of Revenge’s long and storied run on ABC. For four seasons, we’ve seen Amanda “Emily” Clarke and Victoria Greyson torment one another. Now that the final episode is drawing near, ABC is giving us the opportunity to see Amanda Clarke confront the woman who ruined her family one more time, and this time, she’s ready to pull the trigger. Catch the clip from the Revenge Season 4 and series finale, below.

In the preview, Amanda shows up intent on killing Victoria once and for all. However, Amanda’s been working her revenge plan for quite some time without actually killing anyone, and in the clip Victoria outplays her in some ways, noting that she has conveniently put up cameras to catch Emily in the act if she goes ahead and does the dirty deed.
Before you fire, please know, that like your televised assassination, you’re real one will be there for all the world to see. I installed these cameras when I heard that you had escaped. Because I knew that you would find your way here.

In many ways, Victoria is as bruised and broken as Amanda is, having lost her son and much more across the last few seasons. It’s almost heartbreaking when she tells Emily she’s been dead on the inside for such a long time. Then again, this is the mean-spirited Victoria Grayson we are talking about. The camera cuts to a black screen just before the trigger is pulled, so we don’t actually get to see Amanda Clarke use up all of that need for revenge that has been proven to be inside her, but we do hear a gun go off.

Then again, in the TV spot for the final episode of Revenge, we get snippets of the conversation between Amanda Clarke and Victoria Grayson, but that trailer also ends in a shot of Amanda collapsed on the floor with a pool of blood surrounding her. So, perhaps there is a twist that will occur that no one saw coming. The series finale is called “Two Graves,” after all. You can catch the trailer here, or take a look at the bloody screenshot, below.


Revenge has been down in the ratings throughout Season 4 and it’s not a huge surprise that ABC is cancelling the series in order to go in another direction on Sunday nights next fall. If you’d like to check out what else has been cancelled and is returning next TV season, you can check out our updated network rundown index.

Revenge’s finale airs Sunday, May 10 at 10 p.m. ET.