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As we get further into the fall TV season, avid watchers are able to catch up on their favorite small screen adventures. Unfortunately, its not all peaches and cream, as networks have also begun dolling out cancellations like its their job (it kinda is). We've seen a ton of shows bite the bullet too soon this year, and now Hulu has gotten in on the action. The streaming service has just cancelled its dark comedy Difficult People, ending its run after three seasons. This is sure to be a bummer to fans of Billy Eichner, as well as the myriad guest actors who have shown up in the New York city based comedy.

Difficult People was one of Hulu's first original shows, years before it would basically sweep the Emmys with The Handmaid's Tale. The series follows two best friends from New York City, who are trying to make it in the entertainment world. There's just one problem: they hate basically everything and everyone. Each episode sees the duo nearly get their big break, only to self-sabotage and ruin things with their attitudes.

The now cancelled series was created by Julie Klausner, who also stars alongside Billy Eichner as characters of the same name. Difficult People helped get some traction by Amy Poehler signing on as an executive producer, and debuted on Hulu August 2015. The next two seasons also began in August, with its most recent installment ending this past September. Although now it looks like the Season 3 finale will also serve as the series finale. Bummer.

Difficult People is just one of many projects that Billy Eichner has had going on in the past few years. The Billy on the Street comedian has made a transition into the mainstream, even picking up an Emmy nomination on the way. And while it's a bummer that we won't see he and Julie yelling at randos on the street of New York City, Eichner certainly seems to have enough movies and shows to keep him busy. He just wrapped up the latest season of American Horror Story, appeared in Netflix's Friends from College, and is in the exciting cast of the live-action Lion King movie.

Overall, it's pretty surprising that Hulu decided to cancel Difficult People, especially considering that the streaming service doesn't have nearly as much original programming as Netflix. Reports of the cancellation by Deadline don't list a specific reason, but low viewership is usually the culprit in cases like this. Not that Hulu didn't attempt to publicize, especially in the third season. Ads were all over social media, and the show has always had impressive guest stars to help get media attention. Some of these include Nathan Lane, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Tina Fey, and Lucy Liu.

All three season of Difficult People are currently streaming on Hulu. Be sure to check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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