Entourage - Season 5

Premieres: Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 10:00 p.m.
Network: HBO
Creator(s): Doug Ellin
Starring: Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Jeremy Piven
Website: HBO.com

Entourage is an HBO Comedy series that follows Vincent Chase, an up and coming celebrity and his three closest friends as they pal around Hollywood, enjoying all the perks of fame and fortune. Among the group is Johnny “Drama,” Vincent’s brother. Drama has diminishing fame of his own from a role he played years ago in a series called Viking Quest. Drama’s still looking work as an actor but spends most of his time in his brother’s shadow. Eric is Vince’s manager and is also looking to expand his career. He’s been friends with Vince since they were kids so their relationship is usually friendship first, business second. Turtle is the biggest moocher of the group. He’s dabbled in the music industry, looking to discover the next big thing but for the most part, he spends his day smoking weed, spending money and keeping an eye out for hot women. Vince’s agent is Ari, a cutthroat guy who will do almost anything to get Vince the fame (and money) he believes he deserves.

Things were going fairly well for Vince’s acting career but last season, his film Medillon bombed at Cannes. Vince put pretty much everything he has into that movie and the only person willing to give it a shot after its abysmal screening at the film festival was Harvey Weingard. Weingard, whom Vince has burned numerous times in the past agreed to purchase the movie for $1. Whether or not the film will ever make it into theaters is unknown but I’m thinking that’s one of the things we’ll learn when the new season resumes.

I got rid HBO this summer because the network didn’t really have much to offer me. Entourage is pretty much the only series currently airing that I have any interest in and frankly, it still doesn’t justify the cost of the HBO package offered by my cable network. I’d just as soon get Showtime since there’s more than one series on that network that I’d watch regularly. All the same, I’ll be sad to miss tonight’s season premiere of Entourage. I’m curious to know how things are going for Vince and his friends but not curious enough to see the jump in my cable bill if I were to re-subscribe to the network.

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