Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2

Premieres: Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 8:00 p.m.
Network: Fox
Creator(s): Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Patricia Llewellyn
Starring: Gordon Ramsay(host)

Kitchen Nightmares is a reality series that follows short-tempered Gordon Ramsay as he visits failing restaurants to help the owners get things back on track. In each episode he visits a different restaurant and observes the business to find the flaws. From the staff to the menu, décor, kitchen set-up and everything in between, Ramsay works to figure out how the restaurant can be improved and the duration of the episode involves him trying to whip everyone into shape. This can prove to be a challenge because many times, some of the working at the restaurant (including the owner in some cases) are the source of the problem.

In the second season premiere, Ramsay will return to some of the Long Island, NY restaurants that he visited last season to see how they’ve held up since he was there.

I love Kitchen Nightmares. Not only is Gordon Ramsay’s blunt honesty so refreshing but it’s also great to see the process that goes into finding the problems with the restaurants and then watch as Ramsay works with the staff to get the places up to par. Since the first season premiered I’ve always been curious to know whether or not the restaurants featured in the show actually stayed fixed or if they ended up slipping back into disarray in the months that followed Ramsay’s visit. Not it looks like we’ll get to see for ourselves with this season’s opener.

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