2008 Spring TV Preview: Tougher In Alaska

Tougher In Alaska - Season 1

Premieres: Thursday, May 8, 2008 at 10:00 p.m. EST

Network: The History Channel

Creator(s): David Huntley, Moore Huntley Productions

Starring: (Host) Geo Beach

Website: History.com

Did you ever see anything related to the state of Alaska (usually involving the weather conditions) and ask yourself, how do people live there? The History Channel’s new series, Tougher In Alaska pretty much answers that question. The harsh terrains and extreme weather conditions of Alaska make everyday life a bit different for the folks up north than they are for the rest of the country.

With each new episode, viewers will have the opportunity to learn some of the history of the state as well as well as the way of life for Alaskans. The episode that premieres this Thursday is all about gold-mining, which is making a big comeback these days due to the cost of gold skyrocketing as of late. Upcoming episodes include features on salmon fishing, electric linemen, railroading and logging as well as an episode called “Deadly Winter” (airing 5/29) that will show us how a city gets through the cold, dark winters when temperatures can drop to -50 degrees and the shortest day of the year provides a mere handful of hours of daylight.

I love that there seems to be an increase in documentary-style series that showcase different places, jobs and lifestyles. Tougher in Alaska sounds a bit like Ice Road Truckers and The Deadliest Catch in that it will (hopefully) shed light on subjects most of us probably know very little about. Oh, sure I learned a bit about the history of Alaska in grade-school but I know virtually nothing about what it would be like to actually live there. As I’m not a big fan of the snow, it’s doubtful that I’d ever even consider moving to the state but watching a series about it during the spring (and eventually hot summer months) should certainly satisfy my curiosity on the subject.

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Here’s the trailer:

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