Burn Notice - Season 2
Premieres: Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 10:00 p.m. EST
Network: USA
Creator(s): Matt Nix
Starring: Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Glass
Website: USAnetwork.com

Burn Notice is a USA action-drama series that centers on Michael Westen, a spy who in the pilot episode of the series, got “burned.” Some person or organization essentially blacklisted him from all his spy resources. Cut off from almost everyone and everything he has in his professional life, Michael returns to his home-city, Miami to figure out who burned him (and why). With the help of his ex-girlfriend, former IRA operative Fiona and his aging former NAVY Seal buddy Sam, Michael spends part of his time dealing with the whole burn notice thing and the rest of his time using his spy-skills working as a private investiagor.

In the second season, Michael gets much closer to figuring out who burned him. We had the opportunity to see the first two episodes and while I won’t spoil anything for you (if you want some details, click here for the review!) but I will say that things are off to a very good start. Oh, and did I mention that the sexy, cylontastic Tricia Helfer is in the show this season?

Burn Notice has quickly risen to the top of my favorite summer shows. If you’ve never watched this show, I definitely recommend checking out the season premiere. There are some serialized aspects to the series but not so much that newcomers will be lost. In fact, Michael’s character does a voice-over that pretty much explains everything you need to know (and also a few spy-tricks you probably don’t need to know but they’re still fascinating). Westen is like a spy-MacGyver, demonstrating his resourcefulness performing tasks like creating or diffusing explosives (depending on the scenario) and lots of other useful things you can do with regular household items. I will warn you though; these characters eat a lot of yogurt. A lot of yogurt. It’s weird how much yogurt they consume. Watch Burn Notice.

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