2008 Summer TV Preview: High School Musical - Get In The Picture

High School Musical: Get In The Picture

Premieres: Sunday, July 20, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. EST

Network: ABC

Creator(s): Jay Blumenfield and Tony Marsh (Executive Producers)

Starring: Nick Lachey (host), Rob Adler, Tiana Brown, Montre Burton, Jennifer Malenke, Chris Prinzo, Regina Williams (Faculty)

Website: ABC.com

High School Musical: Get In The Picture is a new reality competition series where aspiring singers will show off their skills in the hopes of winning the chance to star in a music video that will appear during the end-credits of the third HSM movie (set to hit theaters this fall). In addition to getting to star in a video that will be seen by millions of tweens (and quite a few parents probably trying to pry their kids out of their seats and get out of the theater), the winner will also receive a talent hold agreement with ABC and a recording contract for two singles with Walt Disney Records.

This show looks like little more than ABC/Disney’s attempt to cash in a bit more on the HSM ratings. That said, it’s likely that this series will be popular among the High School Musical audience, many of which are probably counting down the days until their favorite fictional high school class sings and dances their way through their senior year on the big screen this fall. Plus if there’s one thing America seems to love, it’s reality talent competitions. As for me, I’ll probably pass on this one. Though I’ll admit to thinking Nick Lachey is quite dreamy, I’m still enjoying the break from Idol and have very little interest in singing competitions right now.

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