Shear Genius - Season 2
Premieres: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 at 10:00 p.m. EST
Network: BRAVO
Creator(s): Mark Koops, Julie Laughlin and Howard T. Owens (executive producers)
Starring: Jaclyn Smith (host), Kim Vo, Kelly Atterton and Rene Fris (judges)

Shear Genius is a Bravo reality series that follows 12 hair stylists as they compete against one another in various hair related challenges. The judges determine which contestant is eliminated each week. The last man (or woman) standing wins $100,000, a Nexxus apprenticeship, a chance to style hair for an Allure magazine feature and the right to call themselves a Shear Genius.

In the season premiere, the contestants’ first challenge will be to cut hair blindfolded. Then in the first elimination challenge, they’ll have to interpret different celebrity hairstyles. Celebrity hairstylist Neeko Abriol will serve as a guest judge.

Below is the list of contestants for season 2:

Charlie – 38, Denver, CO.
Daniel – 28, Tallahassee, FL; Resides in Dallas, TX.
Dee – 37, San Antonio, TX; Resides in Miami, FL.
Gail – 25, Dayton, OH; Resides in Columbus, OH.
Glenn – 36, Los Angeles, CA; Resides in Decatur, AL.
Matthew – 37, Dallas, TX.
Meredith – 36, Cleveland, OH; Resides in Chicago, IL.
Nekisa – 29, San Francisco, CA; Resides in: Concord, CA.
Nicole – 24, Houston, TX; Resides in: New York, NY.
Oshun – 31, Cleveland, OH; Resides in Los Angeles, CA.
Parker – 31, Miami, FL.
Paulo – 37, San Jose, CA.

One of the things I like about Bravo’s reality series, including Top Chef and Project Runway is that they place a heavy emphasis on the skill involved in what the contestants do for a living (design, hair styling, cooking, etc). I’m not sure that I have a huge interest in competitive hair styling but having seen a few episodes of the first season of this show, I do think this series is worth a look.

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