High School Musical: Get In The Picture
Premieres: Monday, July 21, 2008 at 9:00 p.m. EST
Network: ABC
Creator(s): Phil Gurin and Marc Jansen(Executive Producers)
Starring: British comedians Ant and Dec, various celebrity contestant/judges including Tom Bergeron, Scott Hamilton, Bill Engvall, Jerry Rice, Drew Lachey and Corbin Bernson
Website: ABC.com

Wanna Bet is a one-hour game-show in which celebrity guests bet that various contestants claiming to be able to perform weird tricks and challenges will either succeed or fail in their task. The contestants are regular people with unique abilities like being able to figure out the name of an album title and the band just by licking the CD, or naming the vacuum brand and model by sound. The celebrities wager money based on whether or not they think the person can actually do whatever it is they’re claiming they can do. The winning celebrity earns money towards a charity.

The series is hosted by British comedians Ant and Dec.

This series looks like yet another outlet for people with really weird and occasionally useless talents to finally get their 2 minutes of fame and glory. Though I have to say, based on the promo (below), I am a bit intrigued. I want to see if that marching band really can squeeze into the back of a van and play “When The Saints Go Marching In.” I’m also curious as to why and how this band ended up trying to do this to begin with. I have a feeling a lot of these talents are going to have us all asking that question.

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