High School Confidential
Premieres: Monday, March 10th, at 10 p.m. EST
Network: We
Creator(s):Sharon Liese
Starring:: Leanne G., Cappie, Jessi, Allyson, Sarah, Crystle, Cate, Beth, Lauren B., Courtney, Sara and Kim
Website: WeTV.com

High School Confidential is an eight-episode docu-reality series that follows 12 girls as they make their way through high school. The series, which takes place in a suburban town in Kansas, begins with their freshman year and goes all the way through to their graduation. High School Confidential explores high school in all its angsty glory by focusing on the real life problems of teenagers, including anxiety disorders, self esteem issues, decisions about sexuality, experimentation with substances, religion, family issues and death. A lot can happen in four years – especially in high school.

I can’t say that I think the whole idea of following around a bunch of high schoolers with a camera is all that original. After all, MTV’s been doing it for some of their series for quite a while now. That said, the fact that this series will follow the girls throughout their high school careers is a pretty intriguing concept to me. And I have to say, the girls who participated in this documentary are very brave. High school isn’t an easy time for a lot of people and I can’t imagine having one’s adolescence filmed could make it any easier.

Anyway, the series sounds interesting and creator Liese got it right, I’m thinking most women should be able to relate to at least one of the girls featured in the series.

Here’s a preview:

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