Paradise Hotel 2 - Season 2
Premieres: Monday, February 4 at 9:00 p.m. EST
Network: myNetworkTV
Creator(s): Mentorn (Tom Gutteridge)
Hosted By:: Amanda Byram

The premise of this reality show seems fairly simple. A bunch of hotties check into a hotel set in some remote location. Every couple of days someone checks out and someone new checks in. The goal is to stay in paradise for as long as possible.

This show originally aired in 2003 on Fox but was never picked up for a second season by the network.

All of the contestants are good looking and in their mid-twenties (Click here for a list of the contestants). Getting drunk, hooking up and fighting is likely to be on the menu for any given episode.

I’m sure there’s still an audience for this kind of show but I’m definitely not part of it. To me it sounds like Big Brother (which I actually like) except all of the people are around the same age, single and encouraged to hook up. I’m ok with a little strategy and some backstabbing but unlike BB, which offers live feeds so we can see how things really happen, Paradise Hotel seems like just an excuse to watch hot people hooking up, fighting and getting trashed.

On the list of reality TV shows I’m planning to watch to fill the void left by all of the scripted series now off the air due to the writers strike, this one’s towards the bottom.

Sneak Peek:

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