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When news spread that Season 15 Top Chef contestant Fatima Ali had been diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma following filming on the series, a lot of fans were rooting for her to take home the grand prize. Though Ali was ultimately eliminated, the Top Chef crew and host Padma Lakshmi have kept in contact with the 28-year-old chef throughout the course of her treatment. Lakshmi recently gave an update on what's going on with Ali, and the current news on the chef's cancer treatment is positive:

As Padma Lakshmi stated, things are looking good for Fatima Ali. Ali underwent surgery to remove her cancerous tumor and earlier this month confirmed what Lakshmi told Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen by saying that the tumor and surrounding cancer cells have been removed entirely. As of this writing, Ali is believed to be cancer free, which means that when she's feeling up for it, Top Chef could invite her back to the series for another season. Inviting contestants to compete again in another season is not unprecedented, and with Ali having a strong showing in the series all the way up until her week 9 elimination, few would say the invite back would be out of sympathy for her situation.

Until that invite comes, fans of Top Chef can still keep tabs on Fatima Ali's well being on her Instagram. The chef, who, as Padma Lakshmi mentioned, did not get her cancer diagnosis until after her time on the show was complete, only has a few more rounds of chemotherapy to go before getting the all clear. In the meantime, Ali has been posting things she's eating while her arm recovers from surgery, and keeping fans updated with pictures of her progress and commentary on Top Chef:

Fatima Ali's battle with cancer didn't begin on Top Chef, but it wasn't long after her time on the show that she began to realize something was up. Initially, Ali thought the muscle pain in her shoulder was the result of her overworking herself since she was building a pop-up shop at the U.S. Open. Ali told Bravo that changed when, towards the end of the Open, she woke up in excruciating pain and went to the ER for evaluation. Three weeks later, Ali received her cancer diagnosis but has handled things rather well thanks to the help of Padma Lakshmi and fans of the show that have reached out to offer her support.

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