Spoilers for the most recent Arrow episode “Left Behind” are ahead, so if you still haven’t watched it, do not read any further.

After a long winter hiatus, Arrow finally returned this past Wednesday with the episode “Left Behind.” After Oliver was “killed” by Ra’s al Ghul, fans were left wondering how our favorite Emerald Archer would come back to life. As expected, he didn’t stay dead, although he’s far from being back to normal. While Oliver was busy lying in the snow, Team Arrow was dealing with Danny Brickwell, a.k.a Brick, who succeeded in recruiting an army of criminals to help him capture The Glades. Things are about to get crazy in Starling City!

Next week the insanity continues in “Midnight City,” which is the second part of this unofficial Arrow trilogy. What we know so far comes from the official CW description and the 30 second promo the network has released, and there are plenty of clues and hints about what’s coming. We’ve gone ahead and broken down what you can expect from the January 28 episode, below.

6. Team Arrow Won’t Be Down With Laurel’s New Identity
6. Team Arrow Won’t Be Down With Laurel’s New Identity
Arsenal (Colton Haynes) and Diggle (David Ramsey) confront Laurel (Katie Cassidy) about trying to step into her sister’s shoes and warn her to stop before she gets herself killed.

With Oliver gone and Brick on the loose, Laurel took that step we’ve all been waiting for. Using her sister’s equipment and creating her own costume, she went after two of Bricks’s men and took them out. Laurel Lance has become The Black Canary! However, knowing a few fighting moves and wearing a costume doesn’t mean a person will be successful stopping criminals, which is why John and Roy will try to stop her from following in Sara’s footsteps--something Oliver tried to do earlier this season. It will be interesting to see her out in the field and to watch this new dynamic between her and the others unfold.

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