There were lots of critical opinions both optimistic and negative churned out discussing Aaron Sorkin’s newest television drama, The Newsroom before its premiere on HBO last night. Many critical reviews have been somewhat lackluster, but our own Jonathon Elliot says the show “pops” and I would be inclined to agree. For a show with such a well-known cast and showrunner, the first episode of The Newsroom only garnered a decent opening audience.

Only 2.1 million viewers showed up to watch Jeff Daniels take on the role of the embittered Will McAvoy and fight for the news alongside Emily Mortimer. According to EW, in its encore performance the show nabbed an extra .6 million, bringing total viewers for the night to 2.7 million. That may seem like pretty low numbers for a premiere; however, considering HBO is a subscription station and viewers are able to watch episodes via HBO Go as well as On Demand after airing, the amount of viewers The Newsroom reached in its premiere were not terrible—they were simply not great.

EW also noted the premiere caught the attention of more viewers than the first episode of Game of Thrones, but, since Aaron Sorkin’s name is often equated with quality much like Martin Scorsese, perhaps the show deserved numbers closer to the 4.8 million Boardwalk Empire premiered to. You’ll have to catch the premiere for free and decide for yourself.

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