Archer Reveals All In Clever, Racy Reddit Ads


Say what you want about FX’s animated spy series Archer, as long as all you want to say about it is how fricking hilarious and well-written it is. Adam Reed and whatever muse he keeps locked up beneath his bed are flawless when it comes to perverting ideas and turns of phrase, and now they’ve gone and dirtied up the promotional campaign for the series’ upcoming fifth season. How dirty? Well, did you get a load of the fact that Archer isn’t wearing anything beneath that pillow or whatever it is he’s holding.

This and four other advertisements recently hit the completely NSFW portion of social media site Reddit, in their “r/gonewild” area, where nudity and debauchery rear their selfie faces and boobs. If you scroll down past the horny babes and look to the right, you’ll notice a random Archer ad pop up – hehe, pop up – that features each of the main characters in different moments of undress. For dudes who aren’t into illustrated abs, here is the top of Lana’s mountainous illustrated cleavage to get you going.


You can go here to get a load of Barry Dillon’s ass, Doctor Krieger in his tighty-whities, and Pam’s mammaries. Thanks to AV Club for pointing these out to us, since we obviously didn’t pay any attention to the ads. I mean, since we don’t go to porno websites at any point during the day or night.

These are just the latest and cleverest of the recent round of Archer promotions, reminding everyone that the fifth season will be premiering on FX this Monday, January 13, followed by the pretty awful-looking Chozen. (I wonder when these will make the jump to FXX.) This season, all of ISIS will get shut down by the U.S. government for running illegal operations all these years. It will open up the storytelling quite a bit, and I can’t wait to see what these characters are like in the real world. Pam will probably still need to shut up.

Below you’ll find a few of the fully-dressed promos that the show has been utilizing. First up is Krieger’s informational video on how to handle ninjas.

And here are two clips from actual upcoming episodes. I’m going to need to get this kitchen put into my home before the fifth season is over, so I can enjoy the show in style.

Nick Venable
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