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Arrow Preview: Episode 13 - Betrayal

Arrow didn't have it easy last week with "Vertigo," probably because a superhero having a relaxing time isn't exactly exciting television, but he was able to take down Seth Gabel's Count despite the formidable opposition and more than a few troubles at home. Those Queens! That sounds wrong. Anyway, it's probably safe to say that the family issues, whether Thea's rebellion of Moira's secrets, will continue tomorrow night even though the preview focuses on a different relationship not to mention the episode's villain played by David Anders. Here's a look at "Betrayal"...

Anders (Dr. Whale on Once Upon A Time) plays a career criminal named Cyrus Vanch, who, after being released from prison (for some technicality I'm sure we'll discover later because, by the sounds of it, somebody this bad doesn't just walk out) decides to bring the prison-mentality to the outside world and gain instant respect by taking down the biggest guy in the joint. You know, that cliche we've heard about prison in every film or television show that references jail. Vanch decides that Arrow is the biggest fish and putting him down best way for the former to regain his place as an underworld kingpin.

That means finding the vigilante and how do you catch a fish? Bait. Sorry, Laurel. Arrow Episode 13, "Betrayal," airs Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.