One of NBC’s most promising-looking new series,set to debut March 1, is Awake. The network released a new preview for the drama, likely in the hopes to remind people that it’s coming... eventually.

We learned last year, that production on NBC’s upcoming new drama Awake was delayed to give the writers more time to “hash out where future episodes were headed.” Given the tricky set-up for the show, that makes sense.

Starring Jason Isaacs and created by Kyle Killen, Awake is a drama that follows a police detective who is in a terrible car accident with his family, after which he begins waking up in one of two different realities. In one reality, the car accident killed his wife, but their son survived. In another, the accident took their son and his wife is alive. The story flips back and forth between Isaacs’ character’s two worlds as he deals with two different kinds of grief, while also trying to juggle his work as a detective, which may overlap in both realities. NBC showed the pilot at Comic Con back in July, and while the concept is certainly tricky, it worked well and wasn't nearly as difficult to follow as it may sound. The cast, which includes Wilmer Valderrama, B.D. Wong and Cherry Jones, is also pretty fantastic.

Check out the latest preview for the series below and join me in hoping NBC sets a date to get this show on the air sometime soon!

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