With school back in session, MTV's drama series Awkward. felt more like itself as the series' second season gets going. Last night's episode had Jenna dealing with some major stress as leaked footage from a camera near the Sanctuary threatened to wreck her budding romance with Jake. Things left off in a good place for Jenna, but really, we all know this is just the calm before yet another storm in her drama-filled life, and this clip from Episode 3, fittingly titled "Three's a Crowd" gives us a clue as to the identity of the next obstacle in her life.

Jenna may be happy with Jake, but let's face it, she's not fully over Matty. And maybe because she never had the opportunity to really be in a relationship with him, she never will be. In the clip from next Thursday night's episode, Tamara is explaining Jenna's situation to her friend from an outside perspective.

I can't imagine last season's Jenna would feel all that sympathetic toward this season's Jenna, whose major problem is that two guys are interested in her at the same time. Her problems seemed a little more vital at this point in Season 1. Still, Matty's obviously a major issue for her right now.

Also a major issue is Tamara's skin-tight outfit and the scarlet "B" on her chest. She's a true friend for being able to shelve that discomfort (and the irritation it's causing her "panini") long enough to discuss the definition of BBF.

Awkward airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV.

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