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After spending a good portion of the day getting caught up on the first season of MTV's fantastically quirky dramedy series Awkward., I'm especially eager to see where things pick up for Jenna in Season 2. Fortunately, we have less than a day to wait for that to happen. And in anticipation of that, here's a new sneak peek at the Season 2 premiere, which gives us an update on what's going on with Jenna, the letter, and her love life.

I feel like Awkward is a lot like what Easy A would be if it were adapted to a TV series, complete with a lead character who's charming, funny and beautiful (a credit to series lead Ashley Rickards). Based on the first season, the writing is fun and clever, with subject matter that touches on teen issues but doesn't try to dig too deep. There's a sort of comfortable, fun, John Hughes-ish undertone to it that makes the show both familiar and addicting, even for those of us who are a bit beyond our own awkward formative years. That credit goes to series creator Lauren Iungerich.

After thoroughly enjoying Season 1, I can't wait to see where the show goes in Season 2. And that brings us to this sneak peek (and a few minor spoilers!).

It's Christmas time for Awkward and the video below shows Jenna updating her blog with a decidedly yuletide tone. Twas the night before Christmas and Jenna has some things to talk about, like where things are for her and Jake and her reaction to learning that the infamous letter she received in the pilot episode is on her mother's stationary. We also get to see what Mom and Dad got her for Christmas.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend… and condoms apparently. But no new laptop!

What else did we get from this video? While Matty may have been reluctant to go public with Jenna when they were sort-of-kind-of dating, it doesn't look like Jenna's having that issue with Jake. As for the letter, I'm still not convinced Jenna's mother wrote it. Maybe she did, but Awkward's toyed with us on that before, so I won't believe it until we get a full-on confirmed admission (and even that might not convince me, after Tamara briefly claiming credit/blame for it). We'll have to wait and see where that story goes. In the meantime, is it safe to expect some embarrassing catastrophe for Jenna in the Season 2 premiere? This sneak peek doesn't really hint at that, but it seems like it would be a fitting start, given how the series started.

On the subject of Matty, while it seems like things are a go between Jenna and Jake, Matty's pretty much front and center in this cast photo, so I'm thinking he's (literally) not out of the picture as far as Jenna's life goes.

Awkward Season 2 premieres Thursday, June 28 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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