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It's fall firing season in TV land, which means no freshman show is safe from the chopping block. Sometimes the cancellation comes prematurely, just as a show finds its groove (I’ll always love you Crazy Ones), but other times the cancellation is expected and wholly warranted -- here's looking at you Dads.

According to those knowledgeable folks over at Deadline, after another set of disappointing viewing numbers this Thursday evening, NBC has decided to put both Bad Judge and A to Z out of their misery with a swift cancellation announcement. They will at least complete their original 13-episode orders -- for all you folk who simply must find out how much more Kate Walsh can screw up her career -- but after running their course the two comedies will be finished. Dunzo. Kaput. NBC even has a replacement ready to go for the Thursday 9pm hour, where The Blacklist will move there after the Super Bowl.

Suffice to say this doesn't really come as much of a surprise. Neither show was able to generate much interest, while Bad Judge only managed to stir conversation over its sexist portrayal of a tough party-loving judge who was more concerned with doling out nightclub pick-up lines than equitable justice. That's without even having to mention the show’s behind-the-camera drama, whereby showrunner Liz Brixius left after only four episodes, apparently because she wasn’t happy with the final product.


As for A to Z, many were rooting for the Ben Feldman and Cristin Milioti-helmed series to succeed, but alas, the romantic comedy, which planned to chart the relationship of one couple from start to finish, plummeted to new ratings depths. To give A to Z some credit, this season has actually been pretty brutal for romantic comedies in general. After barely leaving the starting gate, ABC canceled Manhattan Love Story, making it the first official victim of fall’s cut-throat race. It also didn’t help A to Z‘s case being scheduled opposite ABC’s current flagship, Scandal, because really, did they think they could tackle the mighty Olivia Pope?

Overall things aren’t looking too great for the peacock network, but at least they have Constantine and Marry Me, the latter of which comes straight from the genius talents of Happy Endings’ creator David Kaspe and his high-larious wife Casey Wilson. The network also recently gave a full season order to Debra Messing drama The Mysteries of Laura, despite its lackluster critical reviews. More mother-cop TV shows, exactly what we need in our lives -- no?

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