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Wonder what it took to dismantle Yankee Stadium? Next week the National Geographic Channel will air Break It Down: Yankee Stadium, which will give viewers an inside look at what was involved in taking down the House that Ruth Built. Check out a clip from it ahead!

The worst sunburn I ever got (and my pale skin has experienced many a burn) was at the old Yankee Stadium. Blistering memories aside, I was still very disappointed to learn that they were closing the stadium down to set up the new one that now serves as the Yankees' home. Maybe some prefer things to be new, but the original stadium was an old building filled with great moments and memories and I’m just nostalgic that way.

Given the love many share for baseball memorabilia, it’s no surprise that the old stadium was stripped down and sold for parts rather than simply being demolished. On Break It Down: Yankee Stadium, you’ll have the chance to see how the old Yankee Stadium was taken apart, including how they got the sod up.

It's a megajob with megachallenges. Yankee Stadium — home to the New York Yankees for more than 80 years, and host to 37 World Series — is about to be demolished. And there’s no room for error when working within feet of a subway system that can't stop running! The breakdown begins from the inside out as crews are first tasked with saving parts of the stadium — everything from the seats to the sod will be sold. Once the memorabilia salvage is over, the teams get straight to work clearing out the stadium. Kitchen equipment, light bulbs — it's all got to go.

Break It Down: Yankee Stadium premieres Thursday, April 28 at 10PM ET/PT on The National Geographic Channel.

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