Joining the CW's primetime lineup later this summer is a competition series with a musical chairs twist called Oh Sit!. The CW released a couple of teasers for the show, both of which give us a glimpse of the action, which apparently comes complete with lots of grunting.

The CW calls Oh Sit! a "fun, high-stakes, high-octane musical chairs competition." Until today, my inability to get past the phrase "musical chairs" has prevented me from picturing a series that involves anything other than a bunch of adults shoving each other out of the way as they desperately try to claim a chair once the music stops playing. In my mind, they're all wearing party hats and the prize is a sticker book or a bouquet of Tootsie Pops. This inaccurate mental image is likely due to distant memories of birthday parties from yesteryear. But the teasers for Oh Sit! create a much different picture. There are chairs (kind of), but there are also helmets and obstacle-course-like settings…

I suppose we'll have to wait until closer to the series premiere (August 15) to get a clearer look at the competition, but I think the teasers do a great job of clarifying the tone to the show. There wasn't much music, but from what CW previously stated, there will be a live band providing the tunes for this elimination series. While I didn't see any live band in either of the videos, we did get a glimpse of the padded-looking chairs being claimed in this musical-chairs themed show, which looks a lot more challenging than a kid's birthday party game.

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