Apparently, watching awkward internet-relationship confrontations makes for good television. Catfish is based on a documentary film about a guy who begins to discover his internet girlfriend may not be who she claims to be. The TV series, which MTV has renewed for a second season, has Nev Schulman putting his experience on the subject of online dating to good use by helping other people stage a real-life encounter with their online romance.

MTV announced last week that Catfish has been given the thumbs up for Season 2, citing increasing viewership in the P12-34 demo when accounting for DVR and other playback options.
“Catfish: The TV Show” garnered a 29-percent increase in the series’ average P12-34 rating to date (3.1 vs. 2.4) when comparing Live+3 to Live + same day. Additionally, the show is MTV’s top performing Video on Demand offering, averaging more 300,000 VOD transactions per week.

Catfish has Nev Schulman and filmmaker Max Joseph taking a closer look at young people's online romances, which includes helping them make a real-life connection with the person they're seeing online. While I'll admit to being a little skeptical about the original documentary (though I enjoyed it quite a bit), I really liked the series premiere of MTV reality TV take on the concept. I particularly appreciated the approach Nev and Max took to exploring the relationship featured and the way the show dealt with the confrontation and follow-up. Given the kind of train-wreck potential a premise like this could have for a reality TV show, I appreciated the tact and sensitivity taken in exploring the topic and dealing with the reaction and aftermath.

MTV has a new episode of the series set to air January 7.
On the next all-new episode, airing on Monday, January 7 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT, Joe was skeptical when former Miss Teen USA, Kari Ann Peniche, sent him a friend request. Now, after months of intense communication, Joe thinks it might be the real Kari Ann, and that he also might have found love with her. Has Joe really discovered his dream girl, or is Kari Ann someone else entirely?

Here's a sneak peek at the episode.

Is she really a former Miss Teen USA? Or is this guy about to be in for a surprise?

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