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This Sunday night, NBC will air the first part of the two-part season finale for The Celebrity Apprentice. We have some videos from the episode, as well as some spoilery information on what’s set to take place. Spoilers ahead!

Don’t worry, we won’t reveal the winner or even the final two. NBC was mum on those details but we do have some information on the next competition! With five contestants left and just two episodes to go, it seems only natural that this week’s episode should trim down the finalists to two people who will face off during the grand finale. Below is NBC’s description for the episode and further down are videos. The last clip is particularly interesting. Sharon’s either brilliant or she’s ready to throw in the towel. Or maybe a little bit of both.
FINALE PART ONE - THE FINAL TWO CELEBRITIES MUST CREATE A NEW SNAPPLE TEA AND ITS MARKETING CAMPAIGN FOR A PRESENTATION AT A SPECIAL LAUNCH EVENT - FORMER APPRENTICE WINNERS JOAN RIVERS AND BILL RANCIC GUEST-STAR -Immediately following the last task, Trump summons the teams back into the boardroom and one celebrity´s rude comment leads to a quick firing. Next, the remaining celebrities undergo grueling interviews with the first Apprentice, Bill Rancic, and the most recent Celebrity Apprentice, Joan Rivers. Bill and Joan advise Mr. Trump on who should be fired and two more celebrities are sent home.

The following morning, Mr. Trump reveals the last task to the finalists, which is to create a new flavor of Snapple tea, name the tea, and design its label. In addition, they must shoot a 30-second TV commercial and create a 3-page print ad promoting their new tea -- all of which will be presented at a launch event attended by Snapple employees and fans. The finalists each receive celebrity helpers and head into negotiations for ingredients when they quickly discover that both of them want the same ingredient. A strategic move wins the favorite flavor for one, but as they prepare to shoot their commercials, one finalist discovers that a key piece of equipment is missing, which may jeopardize the entire task. Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. guest star.

The Celebrity Apprentice airs Sundays on NBC (9-11 p.m. ET).

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