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Fox certainly isn't being stingy with the video content they’re releasing as we approach the premiere of their new cop series The Chicago Code. We have some more videos to share with you today, including one featuring series creator Shawn Ryan, and stars Jason Clarke and Jennifer Beals.

We posted a featurette and some clips last week, as well as a few details about the series. Below are video interviews featuring series creator Shawn Ryan and the cast as they talk about their characters and their thoughts on the show. Shawn Ryan seems enthusiastic about the characters and the setting. He also has great things to say about the cast. You’ll hear some interesting things from the cast in their videos about the roles they play and working in Chicago. I found Delroy Lindo’s comments on the authenticity that comes with shooting the show in Chicago (as opposed to Toronto or some other place pretending to be Chicago for the show) to be particularly interesting.

Shawn Ryan – Series Creator

Jason Clarke – Playing Jarek Wysocki

Jennifer Beals – Playing Teresa Colvin

Delroy Lindo – Playing Alderman Robin Gibbons

Matt Lauria – Playing Caleb Evers

Devin Kelley – Playing Vonda Wysocki

Todd Williams – Playing Isaac Joiner

Billy Lush – Playing Liam Hennessey

The Chicago Code premieres Monday, Feb. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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