Tomorrow, May is here and with it comes the premiere of USA's new series Common Law, at long last. USA has released a new promo for the series premiere, which gives us a better look at the relationship of detective-parters Wes and Travis.

Common Law joins USA's other original programming, and follows two police detectives who, when they aren't trying to solve cases, are attending couples therapy to sort out their issues with one another.

I'll say this upfront, before you watch the promo. If you're already planning on watching Common Law when it premieres on May 11 (Friday, 10 PM), skip the video, because it really reveals a lot from the premiere, including some of the funnier moments, of which there are numerous, which might be worth saving for when you watch the episode. So, if you're already sold, advance directly to USA on May 11. But, if you're not quite sure if Common Law's the show for you, the promo does a fine job of selling the medley of humor and action offered in the series premiere.

One of the moments glimpsed in the above trailer has the "anal retentive" Wes (Warren Kole) noticing that his "anal explosive" partner Travis (Michael Ealy) may have dinged his car. The clip below shows that scene, which I think does a fine job of showing us the differences between the two cops.

I love the look on Travis' face the moment he gets into the car. It's like he knows it's almost certain that Wes noticed he hit the parking meter with the door but is holding his breath, praying for a miracle. Plan B is to roll up the window.

Common Law airs Friday, May 11 at 10/9c on USA.

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